back-to-school pull over?

dodi asked: please make as many as possible! the more you make the more chance of getting best answer! =]

hey guys i need an outfit all from forever 21 under 45 bucks! please use the budget and remember ALL FROM FOREVER 21! please

here’s some more info:

style: vintage
age: 14
occasion: school
budget: $45
store: forever21
colors: vintage colors
other?: if you cant find shoes there then don’t worry about it. ill find some =]

thinks i like: high waistband, dresses, some skirts, denim, skinny jeans, accessories, things to tuck in, floral print (small), some lace

thank you =]

ALSO -  if your gonna include jeans in the outfit then put them there but i have lots of jeans so you don’t have to include that in the under 45$ =]

the reason for it being all from F21 is because i have a gift card
hm. maybe because I’m 14 years old an you need to be 15 to gets a job permit stupid. so shut the hell up. also i do babysit almost every other night but i have to give most of that money to my single parent mother of 4 children so she can pay for her bills. i got a very generous 50$ gift card that i wanted to spend on a nice back to school outfit so you shouldn’t be talking ok? so next time your gonna go say some rude ass comment think about the possibilities of the situation.thank you very much.

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Easy back-to-school help?

eBayley :) asked:

okay, so for school i got this trapper keeper. it has a plastic covering that you can like, slide pictures in it and stuff for the cover of the trapper keeper. what kind of stuff can i put in there? pictures, song lyrics, gift cards…?
um…these things are going to go on the cover of my trapper keeper as decoration.

great gift

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Can you make me a back-to-school outfit?

kaykay asked:

Ok so I still don’t know what I want to wear for the first day of school. can you please make me an outfit? I have a 30 dollar gift card to American Eagle so please have it mostly be from there if you can. i am in 7th grade and my pricipal doesn’t allow skirts, shorts, flip flops (including adidias) or tank tops. so if your gonna use a tank top please including a shirt over it or a under or a sweater. thanks!

p.s. please have it be something most other people won’t wear, like something exciting besides just a plain old shirt and pants.


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Is this a reasonable list for back to school?

αvαlinε asked:

Is this a reasonable list? If not what should i remove? Anything i should add? I am only 13 so i can’t get a job, and i don’t get an allowance but i am using my birthday money and gift cards to lighten the cost for my mom. Don’t worry i already got school supplies :)

•Fleece Jacket
•Pullover hoodie
•a scarf
•tote- for books and binders
•Hair clips
•Hair bands
•clear strengthening nail polish~ to make my horrible nails healthy again

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Sasha! asked:

i start school in about 2 weeks! i havent bought alot of clothes ive only bought like 6 things! im going to be a junior and want to get a reasonable amount of things ( last year i always repeated my clothes alot)
my parents arent rich and i dont have a job. plus my b day is in the begining week of august and im going to be asking for a $150 mac cosmetics gift card so i dont want to make them spend too much (i take in consideration we dont have much money) also my mom might say something like “omg we just spend so much money on clothes and now u want $150 for ur bday?!”
:/ i usually shop at stores like:
forever 21
abercrombie (always sales rack)
hollister (always sales rack)
american eagle (always sales rack
wet seal
charlotte russe
walmart (very rarely)
old navy
and other reen stores like that….
this does NOT include school supplies!
shoes i usually get like 5 pairs
3 flats
2 sandals
(there usually around $10-$15)
acesories i plan on only buying 3 necklaces
3 pairs of earrings (at F21 they usually give like 10 pairs of earings for $3!)
2 bracelets
not alot..
oh and atleast 2 tote bags for mybooks (i plan on buying 1 from victorias secret for $12 and maybe if i find one at abercrombie for sale)
thank you! :D
any other tips greatly appreciated!!!

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are you looking for back to school clothing?

Blackcashews asked:

I’m tired of seeing all of these posts asking about what they should wear for their first day of school. If you’re looking for cute, affordable clothing, there’s this pretty cool site that was featured in Seventeen Magazine called Suddenly Darling that you should check out and it’s all about finding fashion. It helps you put pieces together, create your own style, and helps you find stores with stylish, but still inexpensive clothing. Another added bonus is that if you decide to comment on styles, submit photos of yourself, submit stories about your community service, or give your opinions, you can win prizes and earn points that you can submit at the first of every month for a gift card to stores like Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. The link is below if your interested.

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Diane asked:

My friend I only see one time a year can only get together with me on THursday to go Christmas shopping, so I’m going to call in sick. There will be enough people to cover me, but I feel quilty, because I never do this.

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Onion asked:

I’m in college and can’t go home for Thanksgiving… so I’m going to my best friend from high school’s house for dinner instead. I know I should bring her family a gift but I dunno what to get/make them… does anyone know what I’m supposed to bring?
I was thinking about bringing a pie but I’m worried that EVERYONE is going to be bringing a pie…

And I’m not 21 yet… so her parents might not approve if I bring alcohol…

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catluver42 asked:

I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year and I mostly buy online or from catalogs. That way I find unique items and I can shop the holiday sales for myself.

birthday present

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**Always** asked:

well, my english teacher is the best teacher i’ve ever had. He is also our division (home room) teacher. Unfortunately, he will be leaving this summer. He is moving to India to become a teacher there. No he is not Indian. But yea, my division and I want to buy him a gift in addition to the going away party/bbq we’re throwing him at the beach. Well, he is around mid 30’s, loves writing, literature and photography. No, a camera is not an option since he has the best camera out there. So, what would you recommend?

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