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Browse Treather for beautiful birthday gifts for women

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Treat Her asked:

300 gorgeous unique gift ideas to choose from, Treat Her has something for everyone no matter what the occasion. Sourcing the perfect selection of birthday gifts is one of our favourite challenges – and one of the most popular ways to celebrate these days is with a gift experience.

Our extensive range of birthday gifts for women include a variety of gift experiences from the ultimate relaxation package to one-day experiences that will challenge and thrill her. We have choices of romantic days out to share including a trip on the Orient Express as well as other, more exhilarating days covering everything from white water rafting to winch glider flights.

We also offer the chance of a lifetime for her to enjoy at a recording studio chosen from a number of locations nationwide. Treated like a true star while in the studio, she will even walk away with a CD copy of her star turn to treasure forever – and who knows, maybe a potential number one?

All of these birthday gift experience days come with a personalised voucher, smart wallet and greeting card with an optional personal message from you, giving you the chance to say what’s important before the fun begins.

Whether you choose an experience to challenge or pamper her, the memories of that special birthday gift are sure to stay with her forever, making these experiences truly great value for money.

With so many ways to redeem your iPoints, you can either choose to keep hold of your points so that you can save money in time for Christmas, or cash in your iPoints to make someone you love happy unexpectedly. With this kind of generosity, you’re sure to earn a few brownie points along the way too – and what could be better than that?

For further suggestions for birthday gifts for women ring one of our advisors on 0870 863 8630 or browse our main website further.

Click here to get a brilliant range of Birthday Gifts.

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How to Find Fabulous Mothers Birthday Gifts

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Giftlet Website asked:

Are you dreading your Mother’s Birthday, because you have no clue what to get her for her birthday? Fortunately for you, you are not alone! We have been contacted by many people who want to get their Mothers a gift for their birthdays, but had no idea what to get.

Many people we have met have spent months looking for a Mothers Birthday Gift, but still can’t figure out what to get their Mothers. Usually, if you have been getting your Mothers gifts for a while, you feel like you have already gotten and given her everything that you could. You would **** to repeat a gift, but there is absolutely nothing different available, and nothing comes to mind.

This year we have searched the web to help you get your Mom that perfect birthday gift. We have done research and put together many fabulous birthday gift ideas to help you find that perfect birthday gift for your Mother. Make sure that you save this article – this way you will not have to think about what to get her next year either! Just use the suggestions in this article to get your Mom gifts whenever you need them!

Check out this list of perfect gifts for your Mother’s birthday:

- Give Your Mother Fresh Flowers Or Flower Arrangements For Her Birthday. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Since you were a child, you collected flowers and gave to Mom. And now you don’t even have to collect them – lots of online flower web sites will help you pick a perfect flower arrangement for your Mom for her birthday, and will ship it anywhere in the country for you. Moms love to receive flowers, so what can be a better birthday gift than flowers?

Pick the flowers that your Mother likes. If she isn’t crazy about daisies, they are obviously not the best choice of flowers for her birthday. Pick the flowers that she loves. When in doubt we recommend roses. Roses make a fabulous statement and are always a fun and dramatic gift.

- Not sure if your Mom likes flowers? Then You Should Give Your Mother Jewelry For Her Birthday. In general women like jewelry, so jewelry is another very safe gift choice for Mothers Day. Unless your Mother hates jewelry and you know that for a fact, buying your Mom jewelry is a great birthday gift.

Many people have told us that they can’t buy their Mothers jewelry as a birthday gift, because jewelry is very expensive. Not so. There is a lot of fabulous jewelry that is also very affordable. Try silver jewelry or even costume jewelry – there are lots of great looking designers that you can get for your Mother. Pick something you can afford and that your Mom will love, and you have just found a perfect birthday gift for her!

Don’t forget to get your Mother something for her birthday! Use the ideas in this article to get her a gift that she will love.


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What is a good birthday gift for a 46 year old dad?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Mommy to a beautiful daughter asked:

My dad is turning 46 tomorrow; we are all getting together on Sunday to celebrate his party. Does any know what would be a good birthday gift that my husband and I can give my dad? (no budget)


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Flowers as Birthday Gifts

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Amy Nutt asked:

How often have you struggled to find that perfect birthday gift only to end up buying something trivial and boring? It happens to the best of us and is particularly likely to occur if you are looking last minute for a gift. Flowers are the perfect way to go when you need something that is meaningful.

There are plenty of reasons to give flowers as a birthday gift. Here are just a few:

• Flowers are beautiful and can be chosen to fit the recipient. Even guys will enjoy receiving a more masculine potted flowering plant.

• You can always find flowers, even last minute.

• There are online florists who will allow you to order online for delivery in another state or even country.

• Flowers go with everything. You can pair a bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolates for a romantic gift, tickets to a soccer game for a sports fanatic, or with a stuffed animal as a cute gift for a child.

• Most people don`t think to give flowers as a birthday gift, so chances are, your present will be quite unique.

But just picking up the nearest bunch of flowers isn`t a good way to make your gift meaningful. You want to choose the right flowers for the occasion and this can take a little bit of time and research, though it`s still possible to do it last minute.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flowers

Preferred flowers: Do you know what the favorite flower of the recipient is? Rather than buying generic roses, you`ll find your gift is far more appreciated when you bring a bunch of gerber daisies . . . the birthday girl`s favorites!

Secret messages: Did you know that in Victorian times, flowers were used to send messages? Each flower has a specific meaning and together, they can be used to form a secret, one-of-a-kind message. For example, baby`s breathe means “festivity”, gardenias mean “joy”, and orange blossoms stand for “fertility”. By combining select flowers and providing a key, you can give a very special birthday message.

Long-lasting: If you really aren`t sure which flowers to choose, consider going with longer lasting flowers like daisies, mums or carnations which will stay fresh and lovely for several days to a week. That way the recipient can enjoy them for a long time.

Accessories: There`s no reason to stop with just the flowers. To make your birthday gift truly special, present them in a way that will thrill the recipient. An example would be forget-me-nots in a teacup for someone who enjoys a tea party, a handpainted vase in their favorite colors with their favorite flowers inside, or perhaps a potted plant along with a trowel for planting it in the garden.

Gender: Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy receiving flowers, but for men, you will have to be more selective. Obviously a bunch of roses won`t be the ideal birthday gift for a particularly macho man. Men might prefer something a little more masculine, like a flowering branch or a plant that has plenty of greenery. But don`t overlook flowers as a gift for a male friend . . . over 60% of men say they would like to receive flowers. Combine it with a bottle of celebratory champagne and you`ve got yourself the perfect birthday gift.

Flowers offer true value as a gift, particularly if you personalize them to fit the personality of the person you`ll be giving them to. Don’t fret about flowers not being a suitable gift, they really are one of the best.

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What’s a good birthday gift idea to get a 16 year old?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
LuLu asked:

I want to buy my babysitter a gift for her birthday but not quite sure what to get. I’m looking for gifts under $40.

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Birthday Gifts for Birthday People

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
John Smith asked:

The population of the UK grows by over 300,000 a year, and as far as birthdays are concerned, it can sometimes seem that all these newcomers are related to you. Throw in the friends, partners, colleagues and other acquaintances and you end up with a lot of birthday gifts to buy over the course of a year. It’s no wonder you start to run out of ideas.

They say you are never more than 50 feet away from a rat, which may or may not be true. But I can state with all the authority of … well, me, that you are also never more than 12 days from a birthday. On average. If you count your own. And those of people you don’t know. What I’m trying to say it that they just seem to come round pretty regularly, don’t they? If you consider that you’ve probably got about 15 close family members and there are only 365 days in the year, that’s more than one a month, and occupying the gaps are those non-relatives who have already bought you something in that endless chicken and egg cycle that is birthday gift buying.

If I sound cynical, it’s purely for dramatic effect, you understand. I love my ever-growing family (in both senses of the phrase) as well as my ever-decreasing register of friends (in hindsight, keeping a register wasn’t such a good idea), and relish the chance to shower them with gifts to celebrate the rhythmic beat of their advancing years. And I’m sure most people think exactly the same way.

The trouble is, you really have to be on the ball to get the presents that mean a lot to their recipients; especially when they’re young recipients, when you just know that their tastes change on a weekly basis and that something that was perfect last year will be perfectly ridiculous this year.

What about a personalised birthday gift?

There’s a company that specialises in making sure your gifts are unique, as extravagant as you want and, above all, focused in on the person who’s celebrating. It’s called, and it could end up being your single stop when you’re hunting for your birthday gifts. To make your choice simpler from the start, gift ideas are divided into age groups, relationships and sex, but even when you’re within a specific category, the choice is still breathtaking.

Just for starters, there are calendars, ornaments and pictures that can have the stamp of personalisation put on them, whether it’s a special message or simply their name. But personalisation is about much more than that; it’s also about coming up with a birthday gift that tells them that you know exactly what makes them tick. Take a scroll through the pages and you’ll see pampering days, sporting experiences, gadgets and fun stuff that you’ll take one look at and think “John!” or “Grandma!”

Got an arty niece? How about a custom made Lichtenstein print (with your own thought bubble)? Adrenaline junkie brother? Maybe a day off-roading in a 4×4. Know someone who loves a practical joke? Well, take your pick.

Suddenly, your birthday gifts don’t seem all that daunting. A few clicks on can make anyone’s birthday a day to remember.

We all have a list of birthdays to deal with as the calendar flips from month to month, but there’s no reason to fret about it when you’ve got a site like on your side. Whatever the recipient’s quirks and hobbies, there will be a custom made birthday gift for them.

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Birthday Gifts For Him – Everything You-Need-To-Know Guide.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Tracie M. Loewe asked:

Every one of us has that special day of the year; called the birthday! We all love to celebrate it in any which way we please, but the truth is we can’t avoid it. Surely, these special occasions are a blast when we’re young, though they’re not as desirable as we age past 29. All of a sudden we’re looking around and saying; what happened? Despite of the date your big day falls on, you probably pay more attention on your loved ones and their birthdays. This is where the dilemma begins, what to buy? Well, don’t worry; there are ample of gift ideas out there for everyone. Nowadays I have no trouble finding that special gift for my wife. The overabundance of options has made this all too easy. So for all you ladies out there, listen up – here is some advice when buying birthday gifts for him.

Whether you have a husband or a boyfriend, finding a birthday gift for him can be tricky. Firstly, stop and think – what does your husband, fianc


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What’s a great birthday gift for your boyfriend’s Mom?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Maria asked:

My boyfriend’s Mom is celebrating her birthday soon and I can’t think of anything to give as a gift. Suggestions anyone? If it helps, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now but I just met his Mom less than a year ago.

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BirthDay Gift ideas for Men

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Krish asked:

Let’s face it, When it comes to birthday gifts for your father, boy friend, best buddy or uncle, it may not be all that easy to shop for. You might think that you know the person well but looking for a gift that has been really tailored made for him can be a bit difficult. Don’t worry this happen to the most experienced shoppers also; sometimes the right gift also refuses to come to you.

It’s easier to choose a gift for men than what you thought. Unlike women, men are hardly inclined to fashion. Men don’t accessorize like women and can remain attach to a single interest for many years. This provides with a better choice of feasible birthday gifts for men. These days you can find so many unique and personal birthday gifts for men. From wines to designer fragrances, it is now easy to buy an ideal birthday gift that is sure to be liked and treasured by the birthday boy.

Below are some brainstorming ideas for your man- There are many great gift ideas for men who spend half their lives sitting in the office, many professional types would enjoy a customized pen set with his initial on the case, and briefcase and laptop bags are also great ideas for man. There are many birthday gifts available for men like replica watch or mug bearing his name. These types of gifts are quite popular among the businessmen.

If your boy is crazy sports freak, then you can gift him something like personalized jersey of his favorite team or tickets to a sporting event. Trust me this works out to be a wonder.

If the birthday boy is adventurous kind and loves touring around, you can always think about giving him touring package for a weekend to some adventurous location where he can totally enjoy and chill around. He will always cherish such a moment.

If your guy likes wine, you can gift him a basket of several wineries if it does not pinch your pocket much. But men appreciate this most. Be sure of collection of men that will go down well.

It is always better to check online for the various ideal birthday gifts for men rather than wandering endlessly around the town looking for the ideal birthday gift. There are many websites that would make your search easier and simpler.

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Birthday gift ideas and any other good ideas are necesary?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
emma asked:

Birthday gift ideas and any other good ideas are necesary?
I need some ideas of something nice and thoughfull for my grandmother B-Day tomorrow in a couple hours any ideas? PLEASE its URGENT!!

birthday gift

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