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What is the etiquette regarding wedding gifts and shower gifts and party gifts?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

brakozzynboj asked:

I am in my mid 20s and lots of my friends are getting married, but one thing that is really bothering me is that all of them are expecting gifts, expensive gifts, not just at their wedding showers, but at their engagement parties, their bachelor/bachelorette parties and then also at their actual weddings. When I was growing up my parents taught me that a gift at the shower or at the wedding itself if you weren’t invited to the shower was good etiquette, but my boyfriend get so embarrassed when everyone else brings gifts to every occasion and I insist that we are fine. Are we wrong for not bringing $50+ gifts to every event or are our friends wrong for expecting gifts at every event surrounding the wedding?
To add to the earlier details, are showers and weddings 2 separate events requiring 2 different gifts off of the couple’s registry? Typically everyone brings a registry gift to the showers, and then another to the wedding. At the bachelorette showers invitations go out with requests for lingere and “gifts meant to be enjoyed on the honeymoon” and for the bachelor parties bottles of liquor or adult themed gifts… It adds up when you consider we all for the most part just finished school and my boyfriend and I are both still in school (PhD studies) without full time employment.
One last thing, I don’t even live in the country (I go to a university abroad), but I still get invites and send gifts, as if the situation wasn’t complicated enough. Answers for my specific situation and in general for people who do attend all of the events are appreciated.

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Bachelor party question?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

a a asked:

A friend of mine is getting married later this month. He invited me to his bachelor party. I’ve never been to one however. What can I expect to happen? What usually goes on at these parties? Do I need to bring anything? Is it customary to bring a gift? What should I do?

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What to get for a bachelor party?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Fox asked:

I’m going to my cousin’s bachelor party and want to get him a gift. Preferably not too expensive. Something funny would be good. Got any ideas?

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Is it weird to send a bachelor gift to my fiance on his party with a friend of his?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Princess06 asked:

He is not the guy that wants to go to the strip clubs so they rented a hummer limo and are going to hooters and downtown to some different bars. Being there guys I figured nobody will get the silly funny embarrassing gifts that girls get. Is it weird that I send a gift bag with one of his friends without a from who tag on it. (just maybe get him some funny edible mens under ware,ball and chain, condom hat). Also my dad is going to hooters with the guys and ordered him a **** cake from the bakery in town. have you ever heard of anyone doing that or is it ***?
ACTUALLY….i said it my paragraph that i was going to NOT put a name on the who it was from tag..i just wanted to ensure that he had fun and a good time! thanks! so no i am not wanting him to be thinking of me!

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Clean bachelor party ideas?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Steve B asked:

I’m the best man for my friend’s wedding next month, and I’m trying to think of clean ideas for a bachelor party. I’m not sure what kinds of things are “normal”…but we’re all Salvation Army boys, so no drinking, nudey bars or gambling…what else does that leave us with?! Can we just go to a restaurant and have a meal, maybe give him bachelor-gifts or something?

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