dodi asked: please make as many as possible! the more you make the more chance of getting best answer! =]

hey guys i need an outfit all from forever 21 under 45 bucks! please use the budget and remember ALL FROM FOREVER 21! please

here’s some more info:

style: vintage
age: 14
occasion: school
budget: $45
store: forever21
colors: vintage colors
other?: if you cant find shoes there then don’t worry about it. ill find some =]

thinks i like: high waistband, dresses, some skirts, denim, skinny jeans, accessories, things to tuck in, floral print (small), some lace

thank you =]

ALSO -  if your gonna include jeans in the outfit then put them there but i have lots of jeans so you don’t have to include that in the under 45$ =]

the reason for it being all from F21 is because i have a gift card
hm. maybe because I’m 14 years old an you need to be 15 to gets a job permit stupid. so shut the hell up. also i do babysit almost every other night but i have to give most of that money to my single parent mother of 4 children so she can pay for her bills. i got a very generous 50$ gift card that i wanted to spend on a nice back to school outfit so you shouldn’t be talking ok? so next time your gonna go say some rude ass comment think about the possibilities of the situation.thank you very much.

gift for men

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