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Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
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Sweetest Day now largely involves giving small presents such as greeting cards, candy, and flowers to loved ones. While it is not as large or widely observed as Valentine’s Day, it is still celebrated in parts of the United States, despite persistent allegations of being a “Hallmark holiday.”

Retail Confectioners International describes it as “much more important for candymakers in some regions than in others (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo being the biggest Sweetest Day cities)”. In 2006, Hallmark marketed 151 greeting card designs for Sweetest Day.

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The Gift of Friendship on Friendship Day

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
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Why My friend does not wear my clothes gift?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Chand asked:

there is my office friend whom I like most, I gave him couple of sweaters as a gift. which he accepted.I went with him to market, he himself chooses this gift.So I request him to wear it in front of me, so he weared these sweaters for few days, but suddenly he has stooped using my gift. and wear his own old sweaters, I am worried why he does not wear sweater given by me, is he feeling ashamed to wear my gift in front of me, or is he feeling pain from my eyes when he wear sweater in front of me, is my gift damaging our friendship

gift for him

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Two year Anniversary Gift Ideas?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
a.mcalinn asked:

I realize that this is a common question–however, My boyfriend and I are quickly approaching the two year mark (with three years of friendship behind us) and unfortunately for my wallet, the day after our anniversary is his 21st birthday (so, granted I want to make it special) we DO NOT live together–let that be known, but we do have our alone time. This all happens in DECEMBER so of course, there’s christmas too.
We live in the Philadelphia suburbs and I want to do something fun, that he has never done before..I’m thinking the aquarium with a romantic dinner, but I dont want to spend a lot! Anyone have any gift/activity ideas?

holiday gift ideas

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What to get for a friend’s B-DAY?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
hello! asked:

I have a guy friend who is turning 22. I want to play it safe (as far as the gift goes), but I don’t know what to get him. He also has a GF who is not fond of our friendship, so it can’t b anything that a GF would normally get him, meaning it has to be a gift from just a friend. I got him a gift card last year, so it has to be something else this year. He doesn’t smoke, and I don’t know if he has any hobbies. His B-DAY is May 31, so I have to think fast!

gift for men

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Should I believe my husband when he claims his secret “friendship” wasn’t sexual?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Betrayed Wife asked:

On Christmas morning I discovered that my husband was involved with another woman. She kept trying to call him on Christmas eve and I figured out something was going on. He sent her a Christmas gift. He doesn’t even shop for his own family unless it is to get a gift card. I checked the cell phone records and they had been having increadingly longer and more frequent calls, sometimes a couple of hours at a time and almost every day. My husband works with her and he is gone a lot on business. When I confronted him he said they were just friends. He admits to having lunch with her on several occasions. He said that while working together they discovered they had a lot in common. They started calling, emailing and texting (hundreds of texts). He never told me about this friendship. He purchased a ringtone that was assigned to her calls. I don’t have a special ringtone, just her. He claims that there was nothing physical. I don’t think he is telling me everything.

birthday gifts

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Valentine’s Day for friends?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Christian Guy asked:

Is Valentine’s Day just for couples and married people? I am good friends with a woman and I was wondering if it is all right right to give her a card and gift for Valentine’s Day? We were in a relationship last summer, but the relationship ended over 5 months ago now. Since the relationship has ended, we have been able to remain friends and to have a good friendship. I do value our friendship and I do care and value her as a person and friend. I would like to give her a card and gift for Valentine’s Day, because she is a good friend, but I don’t know if I should. Maybe I should let Valentine’s Day pass by. Please let me know what you think. I especially would like to hear from women that have male friends – do they give you anything for Valentine’s Day? Just to let you know, we are both Christians. Thank you for your replies.

romantic gifts

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do i buy my sister in law a birthday gift?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Mona asked:

I’ve been married for over 4 years and have known him and his family for about 8years…have always had a shallow relationship with my sister in law.. she talks to me one day and the next time she wont… and if my husband and I are in bad terms.. she finds out and takes it out on ignoring me . it’s always been this way and not matter what I do to win her friendship it’s hard and she’s opinionated and bitchy..I sometimes get a gift for my b-day and some years doesnt even acknowledge it or x-mas. She’s so unpredictable.. it’s frustrating.. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and she’s the same way with her and that bothers me so much… but she’s very very generous with our son who’s her newphew.. adores him, and babysits him.buys him everything. and that makes up for her rudeness towards me.. so her b-day is next week.. should i get her something? . I’ve been battling with this for weeks now. need advice
the hard part is she isnt like this all the time and I embrace those times.. but they usually dont last..

birthday gift

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valentine’s day ideas! ladies please help?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
dogkiller4 asked:

I need Ideas for a gift for valentine’s Day for a girl that I like and have known for 2 years and I want to start dating her. I need something that is small and sentimental. We are really good friends and I don’t want to cross the line because I care about our friendship and I don’t want to make it awkward when we hang out. Thats why I haven’t really made a move yet because I dont want to ***** up a friendship. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

gift ideas

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What should I get this girl for Valentine’s Day?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
leynthris asked:

Ok, here’s the deal. There’s this girl in my school who has a great personality, makes the honor roll, AND is beautiful. This is like a one-in-a-million type of girl. I’m going to try and develop my friendship with her before V-Day.

The problem? A bunch of other guys like her too. These guys are almost failing school and they play sports (jocks basically). However, these guys are very afraid when it comes to asking girls out (and I can’t blame them). I’m afraid that they might man up and ask her out too.

I need a gift that is sure to win her over. I was thinking maybe a single red rose with a card that says “Will you be my valentine?” or something.

PS: If it helps, we’re in 8th grade and the V-Day party will most likely be a dance. Please don’t tell me this is the millionth question like this. I know.

unique gift ideas

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