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Does this sound like a good bachelorette party gift? Any more advice on it?

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Pregnant w Baby Girl :) asked:

Im going to make a honeymoon gift basket. I was thinking of putting in some candles, chocolate sauce, lingerine, bottle of wine/or hard alcohol, lube….any more ideas on what I can put in it?

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how to make a summer gift basket?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

cullengirl29 asked:

i’m trying to put together a little gift basket for my friend for the summer since his birthday is coming up. i was trying to buy a bunch of summer essentials and put it together so far i have board shorts, guy necklaces, aviators and tees and sunblock, any ideas for any other little cute things?

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What are good items to put in a “Get Well” gift basket?

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

callista asked:

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and my boyfriend woke up this morning with the stomach flu. We had plans for the night, but obviously those aren’t happening now. I am going to go visit him later on tonight and I want to bring him a get well gift basket. He hates tea and soup and I’m kind of lost for ideas.
he also says it’s not just his stomach but he has a headache and is sore all over as well.

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Getting That Special Birthday Gift

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
David Marc Fishman asked:

You must buy the special person a present, but what to give, what to give. There are dozens more items you can come up with for this special day. When purchasing a birthday gift it show how much you love your loved ones and how you are thinking about them and care for them on their special day. For those who are celebrating a birthday you want to choose a unique gift for the special person, but when choosing make sure the gift is not age driven or draws attention to their age.

When making your purchase be sure to keep in mind the type of gift the person would like, if you are thinking of buying jewelry make sure you know the size and type of jewelry the person wears plus whether or not they like gold or silver.

When looking for a Birthday gift the gift is normally dictated by milestone of the event, age of the recipient and that special relationship event, when selecting the gift make sure you pick something out with the recipients’ tastes and not your own. A gift basket can make a great present for celebrating a birthday for any age. It is much easier to choose gifts for friends or relatives because you have a friendship and you know their likes and dislikes, so this makes it easier to pick gifts.

One of the best ways to purchase a gift basket is to purchase it with all of the chocolates included in the basket, but if you want to make something more special and add a personal touch, buy a basket and fill it with chocolates that you have made.

There are so many different birthday gift ideas to choose from these days, some are baskets that include chocolates and candy, these types of gifts can be purchased in stores or boutique markets. There are so many places to look for birthday gift ideas, you can look on the internet, craft stores and party stores, another place to look is magazines they sometimes include helpful hints for different types of gifts.

One of the best chocolates is of course Hershey chocolate, many young people like the Hershey kisses; kisses are small and wrapped in silver for milk chocolate and gold when they are filled with almonds. During the holidays the kisses come wrapped in festive foils.

For Golf Lovers, personalized golf balls, tees, or a new golf bag are all ideas that are sure to be popular with him. With that said, you are probably wondering what type of personalized gift would be good for her? A personalized birthday gift for her is one of the best ways to let her know that you adore her in a meaningful way.

Show them you care with a personalized gift and help make your loved one’s birthday the best one yet.

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What to get her for a graduation gift?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
<3 flirting asked:

I have a friend that is a year older than me and her graduation party is Saturday. I would like to get her something that is useful for college or a dormroom and not too expensive. I feel like money would help but I’d rather not just give her money, but something meaningful.
Budget for gift: not over $45
female, going into nursing
Any ideas? such as a gift basket but what to put in it..?
Thanks so much!

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