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I need a home-made gift idea for my family?

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Ryan O asked:

I’m really strapped for cash and I’m looking for ideas of things that I can get the people in my family. I’m pretty handy and I can make stuff with my hands. Any ideas would be a big help THANKS!

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Budget Friendly Birthday Gifts

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Pooja Lapasia asked:

Right from a child to a parent or an elderly person, everyone loves to be gifted something on their birthday. It is not the price tag that decides the worth of the gift but it is the emotions and the time you have given in making that gift special. If you are on a tight budget and it’s your friend’s birthday then you would need to put in some efforts to gift him/her something memorable.


You can send flowers; they are the most formal yet casual gift idea. You can get variety of flowers in budget and can choose according to the person’s personality and likes. If you are thinking of a different idea you can gift a nice pen, watch or a personal dairy. While these gift items seem common you can go for a personalized calendar. You can sort out pictures of that person with you and when you have finalized on 12 such memorable pictures you can scan them and make a personalized calendar. This way your gift remains memorable till his/her next birthday.


If the person you are gifting has a sweet tooth a nice collection of his/her chocolates would do the trick. You can go to gift shops online which offer budget gifts like showpieces, stuff animals, jewellery or birthday cakes. If you are willing to put in some effort, you can make your own piece of jewellery. Many cheap materials like beads, strings, wires are available, from which you can make your own design or a replica of one found in fashion magazines. Such a gift would be extremely personalized and would truly bring a big smile on your friends face when he/she unveils your efforts.


Never take the receivers economic status into consideration while presenting the gift. The intrinsic value of anything is more related to the person than to its price. An avid reader would be happy receiving a book or a music lover would love to get a collection of his/her all time favorite songs. Make a list of birthdays of your friends and relatives and then make a list of their likes and dislikes. To avoid crowd and disappointments plan ahead for shopping. Make sure that you start looking for the appropriate birthday gifts at least a week before the occasion. This would avoid wastage of time if you go to shop the same day. So with a little planning and efforts you can gift a memorable gift on a budget.



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$40.00 gift, plus stocking stuffers. IDEAS ANYONE?

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

MS.veronica asked:

Hi everyone!
Well it’s that time of year again. It went by fast for me? How about you?

Well I need a gift idea for my fiance. We have decided to limit $40.00 each this year as we are going out of town for New Years Eve. Anyways, I;m not sure if that includes stockings, this will be the first year we do stockings for each other.

Well if I can have a great gift that is $40 or under prior to tax and great stocking stuffers that are inexpensive I would really really appreciate that.
My fiance is 20 years old. (no comments on “too young to marry”) He is into cars. He loves poker. Texas hold ‘em is his fave. Loves electronics. Loves tattoos. Not into reading, unless maybe it’s on cars or tatts.
Loves to eat. Lets see thats all I got. He loves SoCal Clothing.

I may put the small trial size because he is very picky of that stuff. No mini cars because unless I happen to come across a real badass one then I don’t want more clutter in our tiny place.

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What would be a good gift idea for a 50th birthday for a guy who enjoys cooking, gardening, BBQ, and fishing?

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

flowergirl asked:

Are there any guys out there who received a great gift for any occasion that they just loved? This is for a guy that I am dating and the 50th birthday is big mile stone but I don’t want to get him any “over-the-hill” gifts.

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