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Perfect Present for ALL Outdoors People

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

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What is a good wedding gift that is not to pricey?

Monday, June 8th, 2009
Luis G asked:

My ex girlfriend from high school invited me to this wedding so she doesn’t go alone. Its her cousins wedding and i never met her before. We are both in our mid 20ies. I want to buy something that their going to use and not just put in the garage or attic. I just want to be a good friend that is why i want to buy this gift. But like I said not to pricey. Maybe no more then $50 bucks. Help me people I’m bad at these kind of things??? THANKS!!!

unique gift ideas

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What is the best wedding gift to a friend who took a wife recently?

Monday, June 8th, 2009
king kofi asked:

I have a very good friend who married about a week ago. I couldn’t attend his wedding ceremony because I was out of town for business. I need to present a fitting wedding gift to my friend and wife. Please advise what is best for a wedding gift.?

birthday present

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Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Sweetest Day now largely involves giving small presents such as greeting cards, candy, and flowers to loved ones. While it is not as large or widely observed as Valentine’s Day, it is still celebrated in parts of the United States, despite persistent allegations of being a “Hallmark holiday.”

Retail Confectioners International describes it as “much more important for candymakers in some regions than in others (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo being the biggest Sweetest Day cities)”. In 2006, Hallmark marketed 151 greeting card designs for Sweetest Day.

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what do i do. shouldnt our friendship be enough?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
cute-dolly asked:

this girl.. we used to be really close friends but things have changed and weve both changed allot since..but latley i have been having really important exams.. and it was her birthday two days ago.. i got her a card and explained that ive been busy and il give her her gift in the next few days..but she keeps hinting that not only does she want a gift but she wants a big shindig aswel!! i cant.. first off i havnet got the money and second i just dont have the time at the moment.. shes a bit of a daddy’s girl..and i have mentioned to her that im having these problems but she doesnt seem to notice..i thought she was a good friend enough to realise that gifts and parties are just bonuses to friendships.. so what should i do???..

holiday gift

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Should I send a good friend that could become more an e-card for V-day?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
+TheBanditInHeaven+ asked:

I told her I cannot date right now but that I do like her, but she wants our friendship to grow. I was thinking of what I could do to show that I just want to get to know her better, and I thought an e-card for V-day would be a nice gesture. I have a real gift but will not see her today, but this is just to show I am thinking of her. Should I do it? How might she take it?

gift for men

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I feel bad, could someone help me out and should i apologize?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Ĉỵяú§ asked:

It was my friends birthday the other day and i got them a present for their birthday which a lot of good friends do. I made them a card and i decided to give them $20.00 from my own bank account. My mum asked what my friend said about the present. I said that they really liked it and found the card quite humorous. I then said after that i had taken $20.00 out of my account to give to my friend as part of a birthday gift. She then said don’t you think that’s a bit too much to give to them as part of a birthday gift? I said to my mum that this person is a really good friend and she said well that’s very nice of you.

I just feel bad about what my mum told me and that it probably was a bit too much money to give to my friend. Also, i have a feeling that my friend felt a bit uncomfortable when they noticed the $20 note. They said to me are you sure? I said yup and then they walked off. They were really thankful for the present though.

Do i need to feel bad and apologize to them?

gift ideas

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gifts for a vice president and golfer, and gift for a 14 yr old girl?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
jaxG asked:

my very good friend is a vp of a company and a golf addict. i dont know what to give him for xmas. and so is his daughter. can anyone pls help in montreal by the way and not an expensive suggestion pls..

gift wrap

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