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Valentines day a fake holiday?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Hey asked:

I dont believe that valentines day is a really holiday. I mean I think its a time for hallmark and jewelry stores to make lots of money off people celebrating it. I guess I don’t celebrate it and never will, I just find it fake and Im single and plan to stay that way. I guess Im just not for that mushy bull crap, Im a hard ***** for life. Alright so do you believe in valentines day and why and if not why??????

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Is this “Sweetest Day” crap just another made up holiday?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Jimithy ™ asked:

What the hell is this? Why haven’t I heard of this before? Do I really need a holiday to tell my wife I love her? She knows I love her and that she’s the most important thing in my life. I’m not celebrating this crap. I’m not going to be Hallmark’s monkey boy, I will not be a tool of the flower industry.

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Are you basically happy. but just not complete? Here it is, another 3 day weekend, another “holiday”.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
survr2survr asked:

I actually thought that by getting out of an emotionally draining marriage I would finally have some time to myself and some peace in my life. Ending the marriage was definately a good decision, I don’t ever doubt that, but, about the peace and quiet…I DID enjoy it for awhile,actually for several YEARS, but now that I am spending Holidays and long weekends pretty much alone, the silence and peacefullness is almost deafening!!! And, I **** to say it, and I hope it’s not only me or I am going to become very concerned about myself, well, you see, the thing is…..I absolutely **** any holiday, and especially these 3 day weekends when I’m supposed to be celebrating some Hallmark kind of day, and it just “ain’t” happening. I suppose the song is not quite right (not the afore/above mentioned song) but the one about rocks and ilands and feeling no pain…well what I really mean is, I am not a rock, nor an island, and I am definately feeling pain. Why do holidays **** so much? 4 U 2 ? :{

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(St) Valentines day: a religious holiday, commercial exploitation or bit of harmless fun?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Sirensong sunshine asked:

It today a genuine religious holiday, as it has a saint’s name – in whch case, how do people observe it? Is it another pagan/roman festival that later religions have appropriated, like Easter and Christmas? Or is it just another ‘Hallmark Day’ to help the grretings card and flower industries. What do we think, people?
Yeah I KNOW it’s not really a religious holiday, but surely, as it has a saint’s name adn is on a saints day there must be *someone* out ther ewho thinks they shoudl pray to St Valentine or something?

And if we all think it’s a big commercial exploitation game, why do we all go along with it…?

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