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What to get for a friend’s B-DAY?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
hello! asked:

I have a guy friend who is turning 22. I want to play it safe (as far as the gift goes), but I don’t know what to get him. He also has a GF who is not fond of our friendship, so it can’t b anything that a GF would normally get him, meaning it has to be a gift from just a friend. I got him a gift card last year, so it has to be something else this year. He doesn’t smoke, and I don’t know if he has any hobbies. His B-DAY is May 31, so I have to think fast!

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If you were my sister- what would your rather get for Christmas?

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
Mrs. Wonderful asked:

She is 27 and still lives at home. She works in a retirement home…doesn’t have a lot of hobbies other then knitting. I want to get her something really nice. I was thinking of these- any other suggestion would be great, I want to stay under $200.00
1. A piece of Tiffany’s Jewerly
2. Coach Purse
3. Gift Card to Mac makeup- like $200.00

Any other suggestions?


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Finding Great Birthday Gift Ideas

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Niki Vinda asked:

If you are looking for the most suitable birthday gift that would be match with the birthday people’s personality or needs, you should do the research about him or her. You should not just guess because you would never able to purchase a great birthday gift that he or she probably dreamed of. You may start to make a simple chat with him or her related to anything that happened in their life. From the existed conversation you would soon realize what he or she does not have yet. For example he or she said that they do not have pet in their house so that the best option for you is purchasing their dreamed pet so that they would not feel lonely again. But you should also consider why they do not have per in their home. They probably get allergic towards pet so that you should cross the word “pet” from your birthday present’s list.

The other ideas that would be able to help you in finding the most suitable gift for your lovely friends that could be added in your birthday present checklist is the simple questions whether they are married or not, have any children, any hobbies that they usually do, kind of sport that they like, kind of culture that they probably interest to and many more. When you already got the interested of the birthday person, you are able to start to prepare your budget related to the kind of gift that you plan to buy. You should realized that picking up a gift is not just simply manner of pick a gift but this is about giving the most suitable gift for him or her, so that you should really considered about the existed budgets and the type of present.

The birthday gift that you plan to purchase should answer the need of the birthday person favorite’s activities or hobbies so that they would really appreciate your birthday presents. For example your lovely friend is really likes hear some type of music the all you need to do is just simply visiting the music store and purchase the most favorite music CD of the birthday person. Whether they do not have the music player, you should try to spend some money to purchase the iPod Shuffle to makes them really surprised to the existed birthday present.

Finding more ideas for Birthday gift in our blog. There are many articles about birthday gift ideas. Maybe you looking for some boyfriend birthday gift ideas? Just visit us :-)


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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men, Women and Kids

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Adam Boulton asked:

Sending a birthday gift is a way of showing that we care for the person and if the gift happens to be exceptional and unique, it makes the birthday memorable and bright. Since a birthday is special and unique to any person, it would be remembered forever when others recognize him or her by offering gifts.

This is realized more in the case of children who would be just delighted to receive personal gifts on their birthday. The various types of birthday gifts are mainly categorized according to the ages of the recipients, the gender and their needs.  Birthday gifts market always busy with a lot of orders because every person is just happy to celebrate his or her birthday which is free of geographical limitations.

Birthday is the most special day in one’s life and it is good to give one something that is personal to the one and that is commensurate with one’s interests, hobbies and pets and so on. When birthday gifts are personalized, which can be done at an affordable price, the recipients are elated that shows how much persons care for them. The range of personalized gifts is many from a door mat to sports items, with a picture or a message on them. It is also possible to personalize gift cards.

It is a good idea to offer a gift basket as a birthday gift that contains a lot of items. Even if the recipient does not need or like one item, it can be compensated through the other items. Ladies will be more satisfied with gift items like jewelry, perfumes, bags, accessories, watches, cosmetics and so on. For men, the typical birthday gifts would be electronic items, watches, games, clothing cufflinks and so on. Naturally, children would be delighted to have birthday gifts in the form of eatables, like chocolate, and candy and also most importantly toys. For all ages of people, depending upon their age and interests, books are an excellent choice as birthday gifts that can be read and preserved for a longer time.

Birthday gifts can also be created on their own, using art, wood, music or photography. Business associates can be adorned with flowers, cakes and cards. If one can afford to spend more liberally for a birthday gift, he or she can surprisingly throw a party at a restaurant or offer an exotic week end treat or even offer a membership for an adventure sports in a club with which the recipient is interested. Nothing can be more special and give more satisfaction than saying with heartiest warmth “happy birthday to you” which would bring smiles on the faces -whether they are young or old.

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