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What do you think would be a great home made gift for my best friend?

Friday, July 17th, 2009

i <3 art asked:

tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday
i decided to buy her some perfume or a big fluffy animal toy and a chocolate… but I’d like to make something at home for her… i’d like a home made gift but i don’t know what… could you suggest me anything?
by the way she likes a lot japanese singers and everything about Japan ( we’re from Europe)… she likes anime , manga and japanese culture……… she also loves jogging and swimming…. if that makes any difference
so what do you think would be a great home made gift?

gift ideas

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a special summer Gift for a Very special girl?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

S. C asked:

Well I have this very Special girl who I really like and I want to give her something special before she leaves for a long summer break. I want it to be something that she will remember me for, something that says I think your amazing and something sweet. Sounds like a lot I know. I just want it to be perfect. So I need some ideas.

birthday gift

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Should I take a chance or let the friendship go? I’m confused?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Just Curious asked:

Well, me and a friend were friends for about 2 yrs. Then she got pregnant, and she changed. She told me I was getting on her nerves. She never told me why but, I figured it was because her husband and I had a good relationship too (like I said, I considered them family) and he came over on several occasions to work on different things around our house. My husband is not an “outside” person. He doesn’t know how to do much house repairs so since he did, I asked him to do a lot of things. I don’t know if she thought something was going on but, it wasn’t. Anyway, she had her child in May, I’ve only seen her a couple of times since then. I, since then, had a baby. She never called or emailed me to ask how I was doing nor did she get me anything when I was pregnant or when my baby was born. All of a sudden, I started my new job at a daycare and she puts her son there and her son and my other daughter are in the same class. Well, she saw my daughter and found out I was working there and she came all the way across the building looking for me. Then she talked to me for awhile, asked me to do lunch with her sometime & then said she had a gift for my baby and just hadn’t got it to her. SO, then she left and when she came back yesterday afternoon to pick up her son. I was working in her son’s room and she said, wow seeing you twice in one day and then she gave me a gift for my baby. I was in shock, I guess she went home, got the gift and brought it back to me. But, I’m so flabbergasted. I don’t know what to feel. I mean, it’s been almost a year without any conversations with her. A part of me wants to rekindle the friendship, but a part of me is very leery. What do you think?

gift delivery

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Just Need a Couple Ideas-It’s Much Appreciated?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
TriLenW asked:

I’m going to have a houseparty at my place for Valentine’s Day (I’m in college). Since I don’t have a girlfriend, and I think Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, I thought it would be a funny statement to dress in drag.

I just need some ideas–does anyone know what a good costume would be? I’m about 5″9′ and pretty skinny, so I think there’s a lot I can choose from. Thanks!
RE: Doesn’t matter–I’ll shave my legs, etc. I don’t get embarrassed.

holiday gift ideas

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How to flag papers for an interview?

Monday, June 1st, 2009
glider asked:

I have a very important interview, i have to carry a lot of documents (more than 100 sheets) and i am not allowed to carry any folders. I have to carry all the documents in a plastic bag. How can i flag them so its easy to take out what i want with ease and without wasting any time? Are there any links which lead to websites which explain how to flag papers?

holiday gift

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Where can I get pesos?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
J p asked:

As a *** gift I want to give a friend along with her real gift a bag of money but I dont want want to spend a lot so I came up with the idea of using pesos instead.

Where could I go to exchange american dollars for pesos?

gifts for her

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32 *** ipod touch answer only if you have one or a 16 or 8 *** bit?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Jazzy J asked:

i am going to get an ipod touch 32 *** bit now it is going to be a late gift from my dad now it cost a lot is there any thing that can get messed up easy is it worth the money

holiday gift

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If I got my friend an adult toy for her upcoming birthday, do you think she’ll stop sleeping around so much?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Reserved asked:

It won’t be a *** gift.

In the past year (since she got divorced) or so she’s really been sleeping around a lot, and I’m worried about her.

She’s gotten pregnant (had an abortion), and she’s caught an STD.

Do you think an adult toy will help her control herself a bit more?

holiday gift

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Restaurant for birthday dinner party and gift for Grandpa?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
HOla asked:

Restaurant for birthday dinner party and gift for Grandpa?
Hi I’d like to know what type of restaurants an 82 yeard old would like to go to celebrate his birthday, also we have been looking for a nice present but still can’t find something that he’ll enjoy..
any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated..he likes to golf and eats a lot…if that helps..

holiday present

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