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How do you flag messages to assure it was read on yahoo email?

Monday, June 1st, 2009
margaret_mnz asked:

I have yahoo email and sometimes I want to know if my mail was read. How do you flag this? The option for the little flag is only popping up when it’s already been sent, do I flag it after I’ve sent it?

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Is it proper etiquette to purchase a birthday gift for my friend?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
forever.devoted asked:

For my birthday last month I threw a small get-together with some friends. One of my friends attended and gave me a birthday gift. Her birthday is in a few weeks, but she is not having a get-together. She lives about an hour away and is doing something private with her family. Is it proper etiquette for me to purchase (and mail) a birthday gift for her, as well? We have known each other for a few years and just recently got in touch again a few months ago.

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When is an acceptable time to send a high school graduation gift?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
~~Stephy~~ asked:

My niece is graduating the first week of June, I sadly will not be able to attend the graduation. Is there an appropriate time frame that I can mail her gift? I don’t want to send it to early, but I also don’t want to forget to mail it either.
Opinions Please!!!

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I did it! I tried to open my Christmas gift. now. Help?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Sammi asked:

OK. After watch my Christmas gift under the tree for several days I just jump there and took out a little (very little) piece of gift wrap in one corner, just to see what color the box was. Well, the box is black in the sides and white with a few red stripes above… It is big, like 22 x 14 and is very heavy! I don’t have any idea of what it can be since I have like two months trying that my husband understand that all that I want is a purse… but of course it is not a purse and honestly I am not expecting a purse because my husband always give me something that I don’t ask… To be honest something inside me was wishing that it be a plain box just for imagine my purse inside but now that I know is a white box with black and red stripes…
I know is a little silly but I just want to play a little and maybe feel I’m a little girl again… any suggestions about what can be??? Remember, 22×14, black in the sides and white in the back and front with a few red stripes… Lol
Mitzy: He always do something like that (put the gift in another box) but I am the one that keep boxes in this house and I never saw a box like that one. For that I was thinking it maybe was a normal box (like the ones you receive in the mail) with something heavy inside + my puuurse…. but now I feel like… ooookkk
Another thing is that my husband hate shopping because of the crowded in holidays one day I woke up and he don’t was here. Suddenly he was in the house with bags from Target… and the next day I saw the box there…
My purse is not from Target.
My husband is in vacations, he is always in home so I know he don’t went any place different than Target…
I feel guilty because is s many people without gifts in the world but man…. honestly I feel a little sad now… Haha
Jesse: It is heavy. I can’t shake it.
I was thinking about electronics but I don’t need any thing like that.
Well, my husband gave me in Chritsmas 2 years ago …. a printer!!!!!!
After that everything is possible.
I was looking very carefully in the “little hole” that I made and I saw something like “133 pieces” so I went to and I found that this have 133 pieces!!!
My husband will give me this? I am sure. Just see: the box is black, white with red stripes, super heavy… if is not this I will change my name! Maybe I should buy some makeup for him? I think is a joke.
Seriously… I want to cry.

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