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Tricky at 60? Tips on Buying 60th Birthday Gifts

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
John Smith asked:

Those people who are turning 60 can experience a huge change in lifestyle. They may have put the pressures of work behind them and be sitting back enjoying retirement or be planning what to do with all that spare time they will have when they do retire. They have probably acquired all the material things that they need too, and this makes them quite difficult to buy 60th Birthday Gifts for.

You can always give a bottle of their favourite tipple though, but you can make such 60th birthday gifts really special with a personalised label just for them. A bottle of luxury champagne in a delightful presentation box will start the celebrations off nicely. Then they can choose to share it with their close friends or keep it for themselves. And a bottle of Lowland Malt whisky can also be personalised in the same way, if that is their preferred drink.

Many 60 year olds will be enjoying their new found freedom by taking advantage of a bus pass, so why not mark the occasion and treat them to a set of Bus Pass cuff links made from hand decorated bone china. These attractive 60th birthday gifts are both humorous and useful. We all like to reminisce about days gone by, how things were better in the good old days, food tasted better, kids were well mannered in our day and everything was rosy, even though it probably wasn’t. As a lovely reminder of the year they were born, a 1950s Household Gift Pack is crammed full of memorabilia to jog the memory, including a ration book and selection of ads and postcards, making this a great 60th birthday gift to remind them of their childhood, and a copy of The Times from the actual day that they were born will make for fascinating reading, and great 60th Birthday Gifts keepsakes. These presents will be a perfect way of showing the grandchildren just what life was like back then too.

The older we get and the more spare time we have on our hands, many older people turn to gardening pursuits to replace the conventional jobs that they have retired from. There are oodles of gardening related presents to give as 60th birthday gifts or you could chose something a little different such as an antique wooden apple crate planter with a personal message displayed on the box. With a variety of uses such as vegetable growing in the garden to attractive storage in the house, this beautiful 60th birthday gift will be given a good home by the recipient. For those with plenty of leisure time on their hands, a gorgeous 60th birthday gift is an Emma Bridgewater Picnic Hamper holding all the plates, bowls, accessories and cutlery needed for 4 people to enjoy those warm summer days spent outside and those lovely long walks in the countryside. This is a 60th birthday gift that can be used over and over again, and is extremely stylish with a lovely hand painted polka dot design to satisfy all tastes. All they need to do is add the ingredients and they can hit the road whenever the urge grabs them. For a bit of relaxation in a style of bygone days, sailing on a Thames barge will make a memorable and much appreciated 60th birthday gift, with the added bonus that it is for 2 people. They can put their feet up and watch the world float by or get some hands on experience by having a go at steering and hoisting sails. By the time a person reaches 60 they have probably cooked everything going for their family and friends, and may need to extend their repertoire a little. It could be time to learn something new, and a World Cooking Gift Box is full of lessons on world foods and how to go about creating them. An added bonus to this imaginative 60th birthday gift is the NVQ level 2 qualification that they will achieve on completion. Who knows, they may decide to take it further and pursue a new and enterprising career. After all, grey power is growing every year, particularly if people chose not to retire at all. As 60th birthday gifts these suggestions can add a new lease of life and some inspiration to a long established routine, adding a new interest that could really take off.

Also, make sure that they wear their age proudly on their chest with a 60th birthday gift Star Badge hand engraved in pewter. We should all learn to love whatever age we are, and display it for all to see. Being 60 is all about having fun and living life the way you want to. Buying 60th Birthday Gifts is not so tricky after all, and if these suggestions are anything to go by, they’re bound to be received with glee, especially if chosen well.

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I have a question about getting a baseball autographed?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
BravesFan10167 asked:

Okay I am a huge Braves fan and I was wondering isn’t there a way you can send memorabilia to a team and they will try and get a certain player to sign it?

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Baseball fans: What makes YOU the biggest fan of your team?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
GoBravos321(16-16) asked:

Tell me what makes you the biggest fan your favorite team. Is their something unique that you do when it comes to your team? Have you ever held or have season tickets? You think you have the most memorabilia from your team? What is it, that makes you the biggest fan of your team?

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How do I find a postcard or baseball card for an obscure minor league player named Mo Mozalli around ’45 – ’65

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Eric Austrew asked:

He played for the Columbus minor league team, which is called the Clippers now, although I don’t know if that was the case back then. Any piece of memorabilia that has his name or photo on it will help me.

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