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Whats a really good Halloween costume without a mask or a bulky costume?

Monday, August 31st, 2009

User asked:

Whats a good idea for a halloween costume without a mask or large bulky clothing? Keep in mind, I pushed this off until the last minute, so it should either be easy to make, or I should be able to purchase it somewhere (where its not sold out already). I’m a college boy, but its pretty freaken cold where I live, so I would prefer if the costume allowed me to be fully clothed. THanks for your help!

gift ideas for men

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I need suggestions for a hunting gift for my father. (Please read carefully.)?

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Ann asked:

I don’t know what to get for my father for Christmas. 2 years ago he began deer hunting with some men from his church. I’m sure that everything he uses (including the gun) is borrowed from the other men, because they encouraged him to go with them.

I know nothing about hunting. I am wondering if there is something I can get him so he has something of his own, or something he can impress the guys with. When he first started he told me he could use some boots, which I got him. But what else could he use.

He lives in a very small, poor, rural community. So I don’t want to get him anything to fancy.

Also – I don’t want to get him a gun. They have a six year old adopted son who gets into everything and I don’t think my father would take the time to lock it up securely. I know he probably keeps the borrowed one at home, but I just can’t see myself buying him one.

Thanks for your help!!


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Fly fishing rod & reel for boyfriend as a birthday gift, any suggestions?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Cbopp asked:

Hey, I’m looking to give my boyfriend a fly fishing rod for his birthday. He lives in Michigan and would fish around there. He’s never fly fished before but is very experienced with all other fishing aspects. I’m looking to spend under $200 total on a rod and reel, and don’t want some cheap-o “beginner’s package”. I don’t necessarily need a pre-made combo, so if you suggest a reel and a rod that are separate that’s great too. Thanks for your help!

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What to say in a card when giving a wedding gift that is overdue?

Monday, June 8th, 2009
KitKat asked:

My husband and I are overdue on giving a wedding gift to our friends who got married about 14 months ago. Its actually my husband’s friends so I was hoping he would take care of it but he never did, so now I am before it gets any longer. Obviously we are quite embarassed but I don’t think we should necessiarily focus on that in the card, but rather still congratulate them. Perhaps say that we still fondly remember their wedding day?? We will not be delivering the gift in person, it will be mailed, and I would like to keep the card somewhat brief. How should we handle this situation? And, what should we say in the card? Thanks for your help!!

birthday present

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Whats the difference between flag football and Capture the flag?

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Corinne asked:

Or are they the same.
We played captured the flag in gym once but i hadno idea wat i was doing. I sorta get football but wats the point of the flag?
& how do u play?
All the kids in my grade r getting together to play flag football, i said i would go, but i hav no idea how to play this.

Thanks for your help!


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