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Who gives a crap about Valentine’s Day?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
you dont know me asked:

Seriously. Its a hallmark holiday designed to rip you off!! And it makes all the poor single kids feel bad. VD should just go far far away. So, please inform me why anyone should give two craps about this made up holiday??

PS. No, not single. In a loving long term relationship, we just love each other every day and not just on one day.

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Just Need a Couple Ideas-It’s Much Appreciated?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
TriLenW asked:

I’m going to have a houseparty at my place for Valentine’s Day (I’m in college). Since I don’t have a girlfriend, and I think Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday, I thought it would be a funny statement to dress in drag.

I just need some ideas–does anyone know what a good costume would be? I’m about 5″9′ and pretty skinny, so I think there’s a lot I can choose from. Thanks!
RE: Doesn’t matter–I’ll shave my legs, etc. I don’t get embarrassed.

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should i gift her or not? will it damage our relationship?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
rick_li asked:

So ..I’ve known this girl for about a month now..i met her through a common friend. I personally dont know this girl -i mean i havent’ met her in person at all!! I just talked with her through chats and phone conversations.
Because i havent really spent time with her in person i really cannot say if i have feelings for her or not…but at this stage i enjoy spending time with her (talking on phone, chatting :) ) …Last week she crossed a milestone in her career..something which she always wanted …i wished her on the phone though. But I also want to gift her something for her achievement. I was thinking i’ll give her a gift card. Also note that valentines day is around! :) I dont want to gift her on the valentine’s day because I myself dont know if I want her to by my valentine or not :) and if i have feeling for her or not :) As such I was thinking i’ll send her a gift before the valentines day.
But I am trying to understand how she would react if someone like me who is just a new friend/acquaintance who she hasnt even met in person till now gifts her a small gift?? What kind of a message will it send?
I dont want to ruin my current friendship with u think sending a gift can damange our current friendship (bcoz she may think that i have strong feelings for her and that may turn her off?? )

thanks for your time!!!

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valentine’s day ideas! ladies please help?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
dogkiller4 asked:

I need Ideas for a gift for valentine’s Day for a girl that I like and have known for 2 years and I want to start dating her. I need something that is small and sentimental. We are really good friends and I don’t want to cross the line because I care about our friendship and I don’t want to make it awkward when we hang out. Thats why I haven’t really made a move yet because I dont want to ***** up a friendship. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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Flowers as Birthday Gift

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Roberta Groche asked:

Flowers qualify as the best gift ever thought of, be it any occasion. They are bright and cheerful creations of nature meant to cheer up everything and everyone around them. The butterflies, birds and bees find mirth in their nectar; human beings find solace in their charm and effervescence. Flowers have long been considered as the best gifts for all occasions. Pink and red roses characterises love and commitment, white lilies provide solace and black roses (black rose does not actually exist, but is a deeper shade of red which makes it look almost black) spells out love on Valentine’s day.

Ordering flowers on line is gaining momentum these days due to the convenience and enhanced availability. Flowers are becoming the most sought after birthday gifts. However, flowers are not the only birthday gifts available over online gift shops. The most accepted birthday gifts are flowers, balloons, gift baskets containing various items like flowers, food items, gourmet wines, fruits and live plants.

Flowers can be sent as gifts in singles or as gift bouquets. Birthday balloons can make an ordinary birthday party into a sensational occasion. It would be doubly rewarding if the brilliantly designed birthday balloon is matched with a birthday flower cake made of fresh carnations and other flowers. Birthday dish garden comprise of a beautiful balloon with congratulatory inscriptions and matching green plants. Another peculiar balloon arrangement is the combination of several designer balloons with different laudatory messages written on them.

The versatility and uniqueness of flower arrangements makes them the best birthday gifts. Some arrangements look like real cakes making you to long for a delectable bite. Some are mind blowing combinations of roses, lilies, poms, orchids and tulips. Yet another group of flower arrangements consist of little toy puppies and differently colored flowers amalgamated in a fine gift basket. There is no dearth of flower arrangement varieties. Online florists employ the best designers who can match and mix every kind of best flowers for the brightest results. You can choose from among a variety of colors, with red, pink, purple, white, yellow, orange and green being the most desired ones.

However, before setting out to buy flowers on line, make a search through the internet to find out the best online florist with the best services. Only a very limited number of florists have the infrastructure to serve you, irrespective of where the birthday gifts are to be delivered. Look for those who are capable to deliver at any point of earth in a reasonable time frame. Again, most of them may not be able to acquire the required flowers for you at the right time.

Online birthday gift flower shops also mixes and matches different birthday articles and flowers to produce a highly enticing result, which may not be possible for you to do on your own. Professionally mixed and designed, these gifts can be the ultimate as birthday gifts, filling the heart of the recipient with untold joy.

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Would a custom sand message make a good Valentine’s Day gift to my girlfriend?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
redrumpc asked:

I just ordered a custom sand message from an online site (east coast somewhere), which is 8 x10 glossy paper. They draw a message on the beach for you, and take a pic of it. I thought it was a really creative gift. I put a custom message on it that was more humorous than mooshy lovey dovey (fits her personality more). I’ll also put it in a cool frame. I’d also like to note that I live in a state that has no beaches.

Would you girls out there enjoy this as a gift? Or is this lame?

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What was the last thoughtless gift you received?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
lisa is a hypochondriac asked:

I got a golf bag I don’t play golf

lol sugg catergory Society & Culture > Holidays > Valentine’s Day

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Guys, is it a good idea to get my boyfriend a framed picture of us as PART OF his Valentine’s Day gift?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
iNQUiRiNG ♥ asked:

The other things include a pair of pretty expensive golf shoes he has been wanting, a baked good and a cute card. :)

I’d like to know about the picture idea though. Thank you!

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What is a good Valentine’s Day gift for a man?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
ღPrincess Adrianna’s Mommyღ asked:

This is going to be my husband and mine’s 3rd Valentine’s Day together and I don’t have the slightest clue what to get him! Does anyone have any good ideas? He’s only 23, so please don’t suggest ties or coffee mugs or golf clubs :) I have no financial limit.

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What kind of gift to get my artistic boyfriend?

Sunday, May 17th, 2009
aayntu asked:

I already got him a leather sketchbook for Christmas, now I’m combining his birthday and valentine’s day gift (since they’re a week apart) and get something REALLY nice for him. My budget is $110-$150. I was planning to get him a drafting table, but there is no where to put it and I scratched that idea out. I’ll get him an xbox 360 game as a last resort or as part of the present.
Any ideas as to what to get an artistic fellow?

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